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Dear Oldtimer Enthusiast,

There are unfortunately hardly usable spare parts for magnetos and alternators manufactured before 1945.  High-voltage grinding rings, current collectors, ignition contacts are all difficult to find and oldtimer vehicle electronics is often a closed book – even for technically very savvy oldtimer friends and experts.

We are Ulrich Döderlein (precision mechanic + mechanical engineer) and Dr. H. Schmidt, both oldtimer motorcycle enthusiasts. We founded BMZ (Bavarian Magnetzünder GbR) in 1996 and our mission is the reproduction of spare parts according to strict quality standards, as well as the repair and repair of magnetos and lighting systems (for automobiles, motorcycles, station heaters, fire service vehicles (all years of construction) – but predominantly from the pre-war period.

„Our goal with BMZ is to provide the best possible service: fax us, order by phone or directly online in our BMZ shop“.

We have a stock of more than 300 used magnetos, as well as a large stock of used parts. An inquiry is worthwhile in any case. If you like to get a magneto or an alternator repaired, please send the unit to the following address:

BMZ Bayerische Magnetzünder
Wiedenzhausenerstrasse 15
85254 Orthofen


custom production of isolators (e.g. collectors, distributor caps)
direct mounting of magnetos into your vehicle (requires an appointment)
all turning and milling services
coating of the ignition housings
galvanic works
paint jobs
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